Located in an area of outstanding beauty, you can enjoy the sunny weather in our garden. The roses have been planted to provide an array of colours against the hues of green that form the natural backdrop. 
Dive  In Inner Peace
Being passionate about fishing? We have fishing rods that you can rent.
Please speak with our Reception team who will be happy to help.
While staying in our guest house, you may also enjoy reading a book about science or history, broaden your horizon with travel books, rediscover the classics and surprise yourself with a book that excites you.
Please speak with our Reception team
who will be happy to advise.
Connect With Nature
Destress and recharge.  Jump into a fresh pile of snow for some seconds, or even pour ice water over yourself. 
For reservations, please,  get in touch with our team, we will be happy to assist you.
The island is a walker's paradise, offering a variety of paths that cater for all abilities, and discovering this magical landscape on foot affords the opportunity to observe the wildlife and natural vegetation that are at home here.
Our location is a great starting point for walkers and one of the most worthwhile walks is the ten kilometer path that take you to the top of Sekirnaya hill, a steep climb, but when you reach the summit, the view on the White Sea and the island is well worth the exertion.
Wherever your trails take you, we are happy to assist - speak with our Reception team who can organise a lunch box when requested in advance.